1.  A Person's Heart is the Same as Heaven and Earth.
  2.  The Blood Circulating is similar to the Sun and Moon.
  3.  The Manner of Drinking & Spitting can be Either Hard or Soft.       
  4.  A Person's Unbalance is theSame as a Weight.
  5.  The Body must be able to Change Directions at Any Time.      
  6.  The Time to Strike is when the Opportunity Presents Itself.     
  7.  The Eyes must see all Sides.
  8.  The Ears must Listen in all Directions.


Welcome to the Isshinryu Karate Do, Stamford Dojo!!!

While IKDSD was founded in Stamford in 2001, our Sensei, John
Gagnon has been a practitioner of martial arts for over forty-
nine years.  The former Chief Instructor of the Fairfield University
Judo & Karate Teams, Sensei Gagnon is a Renshi and Rokudan
(6th Degree Black Belt) in Karate Do Shotokai and presently is
ranked as Rokudan and Master in Isshinryu Karate Do, a style
developed and taught by Soke (Founder) Tatsuo Shimabuku.
In addition, Master Gagnon is a Shodan in Musu Jikiden Iaido
and a Shodan (1st Degree Black Belt) in Kodokan Judo.

Our Dojo (school) is free of charge to any student who has a
sincere interest in learning and developing proficiency in
Isshinryu Karate.  We, at Stamford Dojo, are dedicated to your
studying this Okinawan style in the manner prescribed by
Shimabuku Soke and his most authentic and knowledgeable
of followers.  Our primary lineages include the Isshinryu line of
Brown Sensei and Zimmerman Sensei, the Isshinkai line of 
Advincula Sensei and several of his students, the American  
Okinawan Karate Associationof Lizotte Soke, the Okinawan 
Karate and Kobudo Association of Uezu Sensei, the Okinawan
Karate Federation of Hohan Soken Soke and Premru Soke
  and the Isshinryu World Karate Association of Shimabuku
Kichiro Soke (son of Tatsuo) as taught by Calandra Sensei .

Number of Visitors

Isshinryu Karate Do, Stamford Dojo, under Dr. Gagnon, is a fully Registered and Certified CPR / AED / FIRST AID Training Center of the National Safety Council.

Copyright 1992 for IKDSD and
Updated 2009 by Joseph De Rocco